Mosque Attack

Deadly attack hits Afghanistan mosque during Friday prayers

Bodies were seen scattered inside the Said Abad mosque, used by the minority Shia Muslim community.

More than 100 people were injured in the blast in the northern city.

The Islamic State group said it was behind the attack. Sunni Muslim extremists have targeted Shias who they see as heretics.

IS-K, the Afghan regional affiliate of the IS group that is violently opposed to the governing Taliban, has carried out several bombings recently, largely in the east of the country.

Tigray crisis: Ethiopia to repair al-Nejashi mosque

The al-Nejashi Mosque was reportedly shelled. Its dome, the minaret and tombs of Islamic figures were damaged.

The government said a nearby church damaged during the conflict would also be repaired.

Locals believe al-Nejashi was built by the first Muslims to migrate to Africa during the time of Prophet Muhammad.

They had fled persecution in Mecca and were given refuge in what was then the Kingdom of Aksum.

Local Muslims believe that 15 disciples of Prophet Muhammad are buried in the damaged tombs.