MTV Video Music Awards

MTV's VMAs in a New York state of mind

After three years away, the VMAs are back in New York City, from which the show has aired 15 times, including its inaugural broadcast in 1984. And in many ways, the VMAs with its fast-paced, chaotic, anything can happen feel is best suited for a New York state of mind.

Oops, she's doing it again: Britney Spears to perform at MTV VMAs

The pop star will perform at this year's MTV Video Music Awards for the first time in roughly a decade, the network announced on Tuesday.

Spears is set to sing her new single "Make Me...," from her album "Glory," alongside rapper G-Eazy. This will be the first live performance from Spears' new album, which releases on August 26.

Spears, who has performed at the VMAs five times previously, claims some of the show's most iconic acts. In 2001, she sang with a giant snake around her shoulders and kissed with Madonna to open the show in 2003.

MTV Video Music Awards criticised for glorifying marijuana

Show host Miley Cyrus was responsible for most of them. She even came backstage with a lit joint after the show and passed it around to photographers.

"It is entirely understandable for viewers to be confused, after hearing so much about marijuana during the VMA broadcast, to see a powerful advertisement about the dangers of tobacco," said Eric Asche, chief marketing officer of the Truth Initiative, which sponsored two anti-cigarette ads.

Asche said his group was "extremely disappointed" and expressed that feeling to Viacom.

Nick Jonas previews the new music video for 'Levels'

The former Jonas Brother gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the new video, due to be released later today.

Jonas told MTV News: "It's about continuing to set me up as a solo artist. And give people a better idea of the looks I'm trying to go for.

"I want people to think when they watch my videos and music. I'm excited. I think it's going to be one of my strongest videos."

He continued: "The song kind of cuts a new path for me, musically. It touches some of the soul elements, but also has that funk side. I think the video means that as well, really fresh."

Justin Bieber reveals comeback album release date

After unveiling a lyric video for new single 'What Do You Mean?' earlier in the day, the Canadian popstar shared a video snippet in which he romps around in bed with a beauty.

The full 'What Do You Mean?' clip will have its world premiere on Vevo on Sunday (August 30) at 11pm ET, directly following the MTV Video Music Awards.

Bieber tried to squeeze even more headlines out of the day by also confirming that his fourth studio album will be released November 13.

Miley Cyrus says Nicki Minaj was not polite during outburst

In a new interview with The New York Times, Cyrus candidly says that she didn't familiarize herself too much with the whole Swift-Minaj debacle because Nicki's approach was one of "anger."