Murder charge

Samoa murder suspect charged

Radio Polynesia reports the incident occurred in Lotofaga Safata, following a drinking session.

Police confirmed they have completed their investigation and have now charged the 21-year-old suspect with murder, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm, actual bodily harm, and assault.

The suspect has been remanded in custody and remains so until his mention in court on 30 January 2023


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Samoan man in Queensland denies wife's murder

Arona Peniamina stabbed Sandra repeatedly and bashed her head in with a bollard.

However, he denies intending to kill the mother of four.

Media reports from Australia said Peniamina admitted causing Sandra’s death and offered to plead guilty to manslaughter.

The prosecutors rejected this at the outset of his Brisbane Supreme Court trial on Tuesday.

Peniamina was convinced his wife was having an affair.

Atlanta suspect charged with murder as victims identified

Officials cannot yet confirm if the attack, in which six Asian women were killed, was racially motivated. Four victims were named on Wednesday.

The suspect faces multiple counts of murder as well as aggravated assault.

Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds said the suspect may have been a patron and claimed to have a "sex addiction".

The attack comes amid a sharp uptick in crimes against Asian-Americans.

US policeman faces murder charge related to Rayshard Brook’s death

Garrett Rolfe, who has already been fired, faces 11 charges related to Rayshard Brooks' death. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

The other officer who was at the scene, Devin Brosnan, plans to testify as a witness in the case, officials said.

The case comes amid US protests over police killings of black Americans.

Lawmakers in Washington are currently debating new police reform laws.

Officer Brosnan - who has already been placed on administrative leave - will be charged with assault for standing on Mr Brooks' shoulder as he lay dying.

PNG fisherman held in Majuro on murder charge

The Marshall Islands Attorney General's office filed single counts of murder and manslaughter against Augustine Luvutul, 29, a fisherman onboard the purse seiner Ocean Expedition, a United States-flagged purse seiner.

The charges were filed in the High Court December 27.

The charges were filed by Assistant Attorney General Meuton Laiden four days after the December 23 death of Aaron Ionikara, a fisherman from Kiribati who worked on the same purse seiner as Mr Luvutul.

Mr Luvutul is being represented by Chief Public Defender Russell Kun.

Samoa Police charge stone throwing suspect with murder

On Monday 18 March, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) was informed of the death of a male 58 years old of Moamoa Faleasiu.

The deceased was admitted at the Motootua Hospital due to serious head injuries believed to have been sustained as result of a throwing stones incident on Saturday night, 9 March 2019.

The suspect was arrested later.

The Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the matter with further charges to be filed.

Samoa Police is reminding the public that throwing stone is dangerous and can result in serious injuries or death.

India happiness minister sought as murder suspect in Madhya Pradesh

They are hunting Lal Singh Arya, 53, who has been missing since Tuesday when a court ordered his arrest.

He is a suspect in the murder of an opposition politician in 2009 and has previously denied the charges.

Madhya Pradesh is the first and only state to have a department of happiness to boost the wellbeing of citizens.

Two men to face murder charge

The suspects, aged 23 and 24 years respectively and the victim are understood to be from the Vaimea area.

 “The victim is believed to have been on his way home from a night out at a nearby pub. He noticed the two men talking at the side of the road and police believe he decided to stop by them,” said Police spokesperson, Inspector Maotaoalii Kaioneta Aliisolia.

“However, the conversation led to a brawl and resulted in the death of the victim. The suspects will stand in court on the 15th of August for charges of murder,” he added.

Jo Cox MP death: Thomas Mair in court on murder charge

Thomas Mair gave his name as "Death to traitors, freedom for Britain", when he appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

Mrs Cox, 41, was shot and stabbed in Birstall, West Yorkshire, on Thursday.

Members of her family visited the scene on Saturday to read floral tributes and thank gathered crowds for their support.

Speaking in the village's market square Kim Leadbeater, Mrs Cox's sister, described the MP as "perfect".

Irish nanny being deported after murder charge is dropped

Aisling Brady McCarthy, 37, surrendered Tuesday at the Burlington, Mass. office of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, spokesman Shawn Neudauer confirmed.

She's been arrested and placed in federal custody, pending her deportation to her native Ireland.

McCarthy had been charged in the 2013 death of Rehma Sabir, of Cambridge. On Monday, prosecutors dropped the charge after the medical examiner's office revised its original homicide ruling.