Nationwide Lockdown

Samoa Police ensures safety of people and communities

The Force has deployed officers to patrol the streets, setting up road blocks at the designated road intersections and scrutinizing supermarkets and all other businesses if they are adhere to take precautionary measures to contain the pandemic.

Samoa Police also encouraged wishes everyone to stay home and be safe.

“We would also like to acknowledge the support of our nation in the execution of our duties for this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic through words of encouragement and deference shown as we are working to ensure the safety of our nation.”

Samoa announces lockdown from 6pm tonight until 6pm on Monday

The prime minister has just confirmed this at an emotional press announcement from her office.

The 48 hour lockdown was recommended by the National Emergency Operations Committee (NEOC) and lifts the emergency alert level to 3 or high risk.

Only essential services will be allowed but all offices and shops including all public transport will be closed including all churches.

"No vehicles will be allowed on the roads during his time and Police will be monitoring."