New Caledonia

New Caledonia joins UNESCO

The organisation's general assembly announced the French territory's admission in Paris in the presence of New Caledonia's caretaker president Philippe Germain.

The French overseas minister Annick Girardin said it allowed New Caledonia to deepen its work in the region, nine years after its marine areas became a world heritage site.

New Caledonia was made an associate member only because it is not in control of its foreign affairs.

As an associate member, New Caledonia has no voting rights.

In a year, the territory is due for an independence referendum.

Magnitude 7.2 quake near New Caledonia

The epicentre was about 118 kilometres east of the town of Tadine in the Loyalty Islands.

The quake, was at a shallow depth of 15 kilometres, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii, which says a tsunami is not expected.


Photo: PACIFIC TSUNAMI WARNING CENTER There was no tsunami threat, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. 

Fresh push in New Caledonia to end political stalemate

Sonia Backes of the Caledonian Republicans suggested that the rival anti-independence groups in Congress choose another presidential candidate than Philippe Germain, given his repeated rejection.

Mr Germain has failed twice in two months to secure a majority among the 11 ministers making up the government when they met to elect a president.

Ms Backes said a more conciliatory person needs to be presented as a candidate, suggesting another minister Bernard Deladriere.

She said furthermore there have to be changes to the government's economic policies.

New Caledonia show fight in big loss to France

Making their debut appearance at a FIFA tournament, the French territory made a horror start when defender Bernard Iwa turned the ball into his own net in the fifth minute.

Further goals followed as France opened up a sizeable 6-0 lead at half-time, including a second own-goal just minutes before the interval.

The Oceania runners-up avoided further calamity eight minutes into the second spell when keeper Une Kecine saved a penalty, after substitute Raoul Wenisso had clumsily brought down Willem Geubbels in the box.

New Caledonia tourism gets China boost

The designation means that selected Chinese tour operators can organise group travel while having a control mechanism to guarantee safe and reliable tourism services for their Chinese customers.

The measure was announced by China's ambassador to France Zhai Jun during a visit to Noumea where he met the caretaker vice president Jean-Louis d'Anglebermes.

Several Pacific Islands countries have been added to the list in the past decade, including Papua New Guinea.



Photo: RNZ Pacific New Caledonia 

New Caledonia pilots' strike ends

An agreement has been reached between the territory's international carrier Air Calin and the pilots' union which sought better conditions.

Reports said a key demand was not met but a solution was found by reorganising their work.

Pay rates remain unchanged, with senior pilots earning a maximum of $US 20000 a month.

The strike threw into disarray travel plans for many, disrupting the tourism sector.


Photo: AFP

New Caledonia again fails to elect president

This morning the 11 ministers chosen by Congress to form a new administration again failed to elect a president, leaving the territory without a properly constituted government.

The impasse means that the previous administration headed by Philippe Germain will continue as a caretaker administration.

Two years ago, New Caledonia had no proper government for months because of a similar impasse.

A fresh election was made necessary because the budget minister resigned last month to take up a seat in the French National Assembly.


FFA seeks clarification on implication French territories membership

Concerns have been raised by some quarters that FFA strategic and confidential positions on the management and conservation of tuna have been compromised with the inclusion of France – through its Pacific territories -- into its membership. 

When questioned at a regional media workshop in Apia, Director General of Forum Fisheries Agency, James Movick said any new member of the Pacific Islands Forum qualifies to become a member of FFA.

NZ and New Caledonia into final

Both teams secured their final spot after defeating their opponents in the semi-final yesterday.

New Zealand secured their place earlier with a strong win, dominating Cook Islands 9-0 despite an impressive game from the knockout debutants.

The defending champions had to struggle to find a gap in the crowded Cook Islands backline in the early minutes before Kelli Brown broke through to open the scoring in the 18th minute.

Not long after Maggie Jenkins extended it up with two quick goals and Brown slotted in two more to bring New Zealand’s tally to five.

NZ defeats New Caledonia 7-0

An early goal from Aniala Jensen motivated the All Whites girls to dominate and claim the game.

From the start New Calenonia got the game underway but New Zealand quickly took position and made their first attempt when Grace Wisnewski connected a cross from Britney Cunningham-Lee but it went over the crossbar.

A minute later they had a second chance from Maggies Jenkins who attempted to dribble into the New Calendonia box but it was cleared away in time.

They kept hunting for the opening goal but the New Caledonia backline always denied their chances.