Online safety

Samoa Police is encouraging the public to protect themselves online

“We all have a role to play in staying safe online. This includes looking out for ourselves, our family and friends.”

The Force also issued a list of top tips for staying safe online for the public:

1. Only talk to people on the internet that you know and trust.

2. Personal information shouldn’t be shared over the internet.

3. Set up secure privacy settings on all of your online accounts.

4. Use a strong password, keep it private and change it regularly.

5. Don’t open emails from people you don’t know.

Online safety: Internet 'not designed for children'

Anne Longfield said children did not know how their data was being used due to "impenetrable" terms and conditions.

She said the internet was not designed for children even though they are now the biggest users.

She has called for a digital ombudsman to be created to uphold their rights.


'Give them power'