Promotions for 57 Police, Prisons and Corrections officers

The Hall of Tupulaga at Sogi was filled with family, friends and colleagues on Wednesday to mark the hard work and determination demonstrated by selected members to reach this new milestone.

All promoted officers went through a vigorous process including sitting the set law exams and going through individual interviews.

White Sunday with Digicel Samoa

As you enter the country, you see wide-open spaces, manicured lawns and open structure homes called Fale's. The family structure is the most important fabric in the Samoan culture. The country celebrates family bonds spread over 3 main events Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and White Sunday.

Pacific academic denied promotion due to university structures - University Professor

Tagaloatele Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop says it's not easy for Pasifika to get promoted because of "university structures"

She said this became evident when she sat on a university's appointment committee for 6 months. 

"There was one Pacific staff who from everything they had done should’ve been promoted to professor and was not promoted. When I asked why, it was because they did not fit the boundaries of one requirement."

Fairbairn-Dunlop was disappointed with the university's call.

Samoa Police Service promotes 20 officers

A total of 16 non-commissioned officers and 4 officers were given Commissioned Officers ranks at a special ceremony Friday.

Two of the officers, who were promoted, are currently deployed on United Nations Missions in South Sudan and Darfur but their families were present to receive their ranks on their behalf.

The officers also read their oath of office as a reminder of their call for service and what is expected of them.