Road Safety

ADB announces US$40 million grant to boost road safety in Samoa

The project will upgrade the Central Cross Island Road in Upolu island by building 8.4 kilometers (km) of footpaths and establishing 18 streetlights, 18 safe bus stops, and 11 pedestrian crossings. The project will finance routine maintenance for three years after the completion of the upgrade, as well as boost the capacity of Land Transport Authority staff and other government officials in project management, procurement, gender aspects, safeguards management, and public communications.

Samoa's youth NGO focuses on road safety over festive period

The council is working with other organisations to try and minimize drink driving and binge drinking amongst young people and ensure they are safe while enjoying themselves in parties.

“Holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year for our country. However, we have witnessed how alcohol consumption has made it the exact opposite,” said SNYC representative Tuala Victor Vaauli.

The Samoa National Youth Council is mandated to enhance the development of youth for the social, economic and political stability of Samoa. 

Country with the highest number of accidents

25,189 accidents were recorded between 1992 and 2002 in Papua New Guinea.

The National Road Safety Authority CEO, Nelson Terema, revealed this today during the launching of Puma Energy’s one week road safety campaign, held a few kilometres away from Port Moresby.

Terema said the 10-year statistics was for year ending 2002, and expects an increase in the last four years.

He added that motor vehicle injuries total 2,189, from 25,189 accidents recorded.