Samoa Ministry of Health

Children between 6 months to 4 years most vulnerable to measles, says Samoa Health Director

 Ministry of Health Director General, Leausa Dr Take Naseri, made reference to this age bracket and their vulnerability during the measles outbreak in a press conference on Wednesday. 

 Looking at the data he had on hand while expressing his concerns, he said health authorities remain concerned about this age group.

 “We were looking at targeted and prioritized group and we are still not satisfied with the coverage of the six months to four years,” he said.

Lawsuit expected in Samoa over baby deaths

The Samoa Observer reports the mother of one of the babies has confirmed a nearly $US3.7m lawsuit against the ministry for the death of her daughter.

The one-year-old babies were injected with what the Supreme Court labelled "a deadly mixture" of vaccine powder and expired anaesthetic.

Marieta Samuelu, who lost her daughter Lannah, said while money cannot compensate for the life of her only daughter, after she was buried she felt that compensation needed to be paid.

Dengue fever suspected over deaths in Samoa

The Samoa Observer reported the ministry had identified 25 positive cases with two suspected to have led to the deaths which are still being investigated.

The ministry said Samoa's national hospital reported a sudden increase in sickness last week in what appeared to be an outbreak of dengue.

It's continuing to warn people about hygiene and other measures to guard against the mosquito-borne disease.