Samoa Police Service

Samoa police implements new measures in COVID-19 response efforts

Effective today Monday, 23 March 2020, the public is urged to refrain from taking family members and children to any police station unless they are victims of a crime or are required by police.

Anyone requiring a police clearance report must show up personally at the Police Headquarters to make a request.

Only one member of the family is allowed to visit a family member in custody.

Samoa Police Officer credits family and God for success

Mr Faaofo told Loop Samoa Correspondent Talaia Mika, that his family especially his children have inspired him to succeed.

The 32-year-old father of two also thanked God saying he believes the promotion is a huge advantage to his career and his life.

“The importance of all these promotions is to improve myself in the Ministry of Police and help my fellow leaders in leading the Ministry and serving Samoa,” he said.

Samoa Police officers depart for South Sudan UN mission

Acting Commissioner Papali’i Monalisa Tiai-Keti bade farewell to the officers at a function on Friday.

The contingent which included one female officer left Samoa today.

They will be on tenure with the United Nations Peacekeeping for one year.

Acting Commissioner Papali’I reminded the officers of the importance of being ambassadors of Samoa to the UN and to adhere to the values and the code of conduct of the Samoa Police whilst on deployment.

He said they have to use the opportunity to learn and get more experience while working in South Sudan.

Samoa Police Service promotes 20 officers

A total of 16 non-commissioned officers and 4 officers were given Commissioned Officers ranks at a special ceremony Friday.

Two of the officers, who were promoted, are currently deployed on United Nations Missions in South Sudan and Darfur but their families were present to receive their ranks on their behalf.

The officers also read their oath of office as a reminder of their call for service and what is expected of them.

Samoa Police congratulates its sporting heroes

The officers represented Samoa in the sports of Badminton, Rugby League, Touch Rugby, Tennis, Soccer and assistant coach for the women’s volleyball team.

Their overall performances by winning silver and bronze medals in their respective sports is an illustration of their commitment, dedication and hard work.

SPS has invested in these officers by allowing them to compete and fully focus on their trainings and preparations leading up to the games.


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Samoa police patrol boat may be armed

The service will take delivery of a new state-of-the-art patrol boat, Nafanua II, in September and the Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil wants to keep an eye on how the future shapes up with their surveillance work.

He told Newsline Samoa that the main intention for arming the Nafanua II would be to ensure the safety of the crew during operations at sea.

He said the service is very confident with the patrol boat it will be receiving and the capability of the crew to patrol within Samoa's economic zone.


2 Samoa Police officers join UN Mission in Dafur

Inspector Filipo Iloilo and Constable Samuelu Faaofo will be based with the mission for one year.

Police Commissioner, Fuiavailili Egon Keil commended the two officers for their dedication and professionalism in peacekeeping duties.

He said the officers are going to make the SPS proud as they are representing the government of Samoa and the people.

He urged them to use the opportunity to learn and get more experience while working in Darfur and to be very safe and make Samoans proud.

Inspector Iloilo and Constable Faaofo flew out of the country last Friday.

Samoa Police mourn passing of Detective Inspector Taupauomalo Maotaalii Kaioneta Aliisolia Kitiona

Detective Inspector Taupauomalo Maotaalii Kaioneta Aliisolia Kitiona passed away whilst commanding a team of officer undertaking ball bearer duties for the late Ueta Solomonas’ funeral.

Through social media, Police said Maotaalii’s sudden and unexpected passing is devastating to them all.

“At times like this, we look back and celebrate the life of an officer who served Samoa through the Samoa Police for 20 years.”

Maotaalii started in the Samoa Police as a firefighter.

New vehicles, records and exhibit building for Samoa Police

The state of the art building will be used to store police exhibits while awaiting court cases as well as police records.

According to SPS, the building was funded by the Australian Government through the Samoa Australia Police Partnership (SAPP) at a cost of close to a million Samoan tala.