Samoa Shipping Services

Samoa Shipping discusses work opportunities overseas for female sailors

SSS General Manager Lautimuia Afoa Uelese Vaai told Tala Fou the company received over 20 applications from women interested in working on foreign vessels.

Lautimuia said the applicants are currently working on inter-island ferries and are seeking job opportunities in foreign vessels.

He added that they are negotiating with Mediterranean Shipping Company to allow female sailors from Samoa to work on their cruise liners.

Lautimuia is also in discussions with New Zealand inter-island ferry companies.

Samoa Shipping secures new jobs for seafarers

Samoa Shipping Services has confirmed that the seafarers will join other Samoans working on the MSC Vurtuosa and the MSC Seashore cruise ships.

The latest recruitment is the first for Samoa after a lapse of four months, said SSS Chief Executive Officer, Lautimuia Afoa Uelese Vaai.

“In previous years, the highest number of new sailors’ recruited per group averages between 15-20,” added Lautimuia. “Our vision for the future is to increase these opportunities for all our graduates.”

Samoan seafarers head overseas for employment

According to Samoa Shipping Services Chief Executive Officer, Lautimuia Afoa Vaai, 39 seafarers left on 25 June.

Lautimuia told Savali Newspaper that by December about 500 seafarers should be working on vessels overseas, mostly in Europe.

The shipping company is also negotiating with potential partners to secure new employment opportunities that may see Samoans working on petroleum tankers.

60 Samoa sailors approved for Mediterranean Shipping Company jobs

The Samoan company has approved 60 local qualified sailors eligible for employment with the MSC fleet.

The departure dates remain subject to flights availability amidst COVID-19 restrictions.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Shipping Services, Lautimuia Afoa Uelese Vaai confirmed the number while speaking with Savali reporters Tuesday.

He said over 80 applied, unfortunately, the 60 approved are the only sailors on island with valid U.S Visas for travel.