School students

Fiji school students involved in drug-related crimes

The youngest student is a 13-year-old.

This has been highlighted by the Fiji Police Narcotics Bureau.

The Bureau is hoping that parents will spend more time discussing issues regarding drugs with their children.

“We have a shared responsibility as parents, guardians, community leaders, religious denomination leaders, village elders to nurture our children.”

“It says this includes the monitoring of their activities, behavior and who they associate themselves with.”

Philippine students return to school for first time since Covid

Almost half the country's schools resumed in-person classes after more than two years of distance learning.

The Philippines was one of the last few countries to transition back to face-to-face learning after Covid struck.

But some experts say the prolonged suspension of in-person lessons has worsened an education crisis.

Around 24,000 of the country's public schools - or just less than half - will implement five days of face-to-face classes.

Over 22,000 students return to classroom classes in Fiji

The students are back in the school premises after six and a half months.

Minister of Education, Premila Kumar said face to face learning is vital for the academic achievement, mental and physical health, and overall well-being of students.

She added this is an important term for students as they complete their 2021 syllabus and prepare for external examinations.

The Minister also said that good marks will qualify students for the Toppers Scheme, as well as student loans.