Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa

Local cocoa fermentation competition for Samoa cocoa farmers

One of the objectives for this regional project is ‘to evaluate the opportunities for Pacific cocoa industries to expand the value of their markets related to quality attributes and industry organisations’.


The activities aim to assess bean quality through local competitions and linking to buyers for niche markets so Samoan cocoa is able to compete in the high- value, low volume markets based on fine flavor and ‘single origin’ branding.


SROS receives boost in Covid-19 diagnostic testing and research efforts

FAO Sub regional Coordinator for the Pacific Islands, Xiangjun Yao, attended the handover ceremony representing Liang Qu, the Director of Joint IAEA/FAO office in Vienna and FAO. “FAO recognizes that research for development is fundamental to boast food security which and agriculture development is an important FAO mandate.”

SROS steps in to take over production

After years of lack of interest from the potential private investors for partnerships to commercialize some of SROS success stories which include the gluten flour and the Avocado Oil, SROS has been thrown a new life line, thanks to the Government’s COVID 19 Stimulus Package announced earlier this month by Finance Minister Sili EPA Tuioti.

The $66.3 million stimulus includes a $2.5 million allocation for SROS.

Proposal to commercialize Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa

A proposal to commercialize SROS will be tabled in Cabinet for its consideration, the Minister in charge of the Organisation, Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao Schmidt told parliament.

He noted that after 11 years since SROS was established, the research organization, has fulfill its mandate to develop added value to primary produce for export to overcome the trade challenges faced by Samoa with the ultimate target to increase economic benefits. 

“The time for trials is over,” added the Minister. “It is time to move forward and adopt with the changes.”