Sexism in the tech industry 'needs to be called out'

It's after a Google employee criticised the firm's diversity initiatives in an internal memo.

The male software engineer argued the lack of women in top tech jobs was due to biological differences between men and women.

It's led to widespread criticism from women - and men - who work in the industry.

Newsbeat's spoken to four female software engineers to find out their experiences.

'There are so many opportunities'

Men's sexist attitudes 'shaped by first exposure to pornography'

Their survey revealed the younger the first viewing occurred, the more likely a male was to want power over women.

While if they were older, they were more likely to be sexually promiscuous.

Of the 330 undergraduates surveyed, with a median age of 20, the average age they first saw pornography was 13.

The youngest was only five, while the oldest was 26.

The unpublished findings were presented at a convention in Washington.

Playboy lifestyle

Does Silicon Valley have a sexism problem?

Susan Fowler, a software engineer, wrote a blog post about a "very, very strange year at Uber".

In it, she says her manager tried to have sex with her on her first official day at work, sending her messages about his open relationship.

It's just the latest blow for a company that has gained a reputation as a bastion of Silicon Valley's macho "bro" culture.

But is Uber really any more sexist than other tech giants in the Valley?


'Impacted my job'

Bjork rails against sexism in music on new Facebook post

She has penned something of an end of the year thought for the day in a new Facebook post which continues her crusade against stamping out sexism in music (we'll have more of that later courtesy of St Vincent).

Bjork said she was prompted to write the post following some DJ sets in Texas.  She claims "some media could not get their head around that i was not "performing" and "hiding" behind desks and my male counterparts not."

Twitch: Gaming needs to ‘invest’ to tackle sexism

The senior executive was speaking to us from the streaming site's headquarters in San Francisco.

Gamers have told Newsbeat about their experiences and Twitch says it's doing all it can to stamp out sexism on the platform.

But Matthew tells us this isn't a problem that Twitch can solve on its own.

He says the industry needs to invest money to "move forward on this issue".

Sexism row grips German politics and shakes CDU

In an open letter Jenna Behrends, a newly elected CDU politician in Berlin, complained that sexism was rife in the party. She felt insulted when a senator called her a "sweet mouse".

Minister for Families Manuela Schwesig said sexist jokes were "unacceptable".

A Green MP also backed Ms Behrends.

British MP accuses presenter of 'sexism'

Emily Thornberry criticised Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan for "pub-quizzing" her as they discussed Brexit talks, saying it was "patronising".

The Labour MP declined to name French minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, adding: "Can we talk about some serious stuff?"

Mr Murnaghan said he had asked male politicians similar questions.

He went on to refer to the time in 2011 when he asked the then shadow chancellor Alan Johnson about national insurance rates - a question the Labour MP was unable to answer.


'Serious stuff'