Elderly father seeks help from Samoa Victim Support Group

The 50-year-old told SVSG that he became unemployed and could not provide for his family when he was diagnosed with an illness.

His eldest son aged 21 found employment close to home, earning minimum wages that supported his siblings’ daily needs, and the father’s medicine.

And his wife became another breadwinner, and things started to get back to normal.

According to SVSG, the elderly father revealed that his wife went to work and left her family for another man.

Ronaldo thanks fans

Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez had announced in October last year they were expecting twins, but said on Monday that one of the two babies had died.

Ronaldo was given a standing ovation by fans in the seventh minute of the meeting at Anfield, with Liverpool fans singing, "You'll Never Walk Alone" while their United counterparts applauded.

Both sets of players walked onto the pitch wearing black armbands and Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp later described the show of support from fans as the "moment of the game."

Call in Samoa for more support for deportees

Vaaimalu Omar Benjamin Toilolo, who was deported to Samoa from the US a decade ago, found there was no help or resources.

His lobbying led to the establishment of the Returnees Charitable Trust in 2011.

Since its inception 144 deportees, mainly from New Zealand and the US, have been helped.

He said he intended to meet a group of US deportees due to arrive n Apia this week.

PRPW looks to ease pressures on Pacific players

Isireli Temo was a prop for 3rd division club Tarbes who had just returned to the country last month after a holiday back in Fiji to visit his family.

Reports say upon his return, Temo had a few injury issues and became increasingly despondent.

Daniel Leo from Pacific Rugby Players Welfare said there has been a lack of support for Pacific players plying their trade overseas.

The PRPW is conducting cultural diversity programmes with UK clubs to aid the integration of Pacific men into the community.

Supporting the Pacific through sport

Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Steve Ciobo announced support for the programme.

The Australian Government is providing $780,000 to Cricket Australia over the next two years, in partnership with the International Cricket Council, to support community programs that address health, gender equality and disability challenges in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Samoa and Fiji.