Tanumalala Prison breakout

9 prisoners remain at large after mass Samoa prison breakout

Police have released photos of the escapees and are warning the public not to approach any of them but to contact Samoa Police.

All off-duty police officers were recalled Monday night after police received a report of the breakout from the Corrections Service.

The escapees are serving prison time for serious crimes.  

According to RNZ Pacific, a source at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole hospital said around 20 prison officers were brought in for medical treatment with injuries reportedly caused by altercations with prisoners during the escape.

Mass prison breakout in Samoa

According to the Samoa Police Service, they received a report at 8.44pm (local time) by the Corrections Service of the breakout Monday night.

Members of the public especially those living in Aleisa, Tanumalala, Leulumoega areas close to Tanumalala Prison are being urged to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities around these areas tonight.

All police officers have been recalled for duty as soon as possible.

The breakout is the largest reported at the country’s newest prison facilities.

Tanumalala Prison was opened in June 2019