tertiary education

Solomons aims to boost tertiary education

The education minister John Moffat Fugui said currently only three percent of the population has had the chance to obtain higher education.

He said the government would this year spend $US37 million on scholarships for students to attend the National University in Honiara and other regional tertiary institutions.

Mr Fugui also said the ministry would set up 500 scholarship Awards for 2018 to be fully and partially funded by the government.

23 students from Samoa to take academic studies in China

China's Ambassador to Samoa Madame Li Yanduan says it is important for the students to study and learn more about her country's way of life and explore its people.

She has encouraged them to use the opportunity well to return to serve the Samoa government and apply their knowledge.

"Between China and Samoa we have a very long distance. It is not easy for our people to understand, to know each other. And all these student [should] just apply the messages of the friendship and the culture:"