Teuila Festival

Preschoolers celebrate Teuila Festival

About 100 preschoolers, teachers and family members held their own version of Teuila in their school recently.

Traditional Samoan songs and dances were performed by the students and their teachers.

One parent who did not want to be identified told Talamua that their small commemoration of the Teuila was something her children was looking forward to.

Samoa’s Teuila Festival goes digital

During a press conference, Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa confirmed the Government’s plan for the country’s biggest annual cultural festival which is normally held early September.

She explained that this year’s event will be no different to last year’s programme and the Independence Day, celebration.

“We’ll continue to hold our Teuila the way it was held since the pandemic to limit public gatherings and so forth,” she said.

“I won’t say it’s postponed but we’re just continuing with the same programme of doing it. Yhere is a programme but in a different way.”

Samoa's Teuila Festival goes digital

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the festival will highlight iconic performances and celebrations.

The event, one of the largest annual festivals in the South Pacific, normally sees thousands of visitors and performers flood into the country to take part.

The year's Teuila Festival online will also be the first time there will not be a Miss Samoa Pageant.

The reigning Miss Samoa, who also holds the title of Miss Samoa NZ and Miss Pacific Islands, Fonoifafo Mcfarland Seumanu, will continue her reign for another year.

Teuila Festival draws thousands to food stalls, entertainment

After a stunning choral performance by different choirs in the formal opening last night, the Teuila Festival got underway today with a variety of shows.

A highlight of the morning was the food stalls lined up across the government ground parking lot that were jam packed with people.

From fresh umu to barbeques, the stall owners are enjoying the day as customers continue to flock in to buy snacks and food as they enjoy the shows.

Celebrate the Samoan way

Samoan culture or Fa'a Samoa is celebrated in the week-long event which features traditional dance, singing, fashion and variety shows and traditional fun and games.

Held in front of the government building, the event attracts contestants and their supporters from across Samoa, curious tourists and families looking for fun, snacks and entertainment.