Brexit: Italian PM Matteo Renzi warns UK over EU rights

Matteo Renzi warned that leaving the EU would be a "very difficult process" - but the problems could be solved only after the UK began the exit procedure.

He said the Brexit vote had been "a bad decision" but had to be respected.

Mr Renzi said he was ready to work with UK PM Theresa May to build the "best alliance" between the UK and the EU.

Mr Renzi said he had been shocked and saddened by the EU referendum result, but repeated Mrs May's vow that "Brexit is Brexit", saying democracy had to be respected.

Japan companies may leave UK after Brexit

Many Japanese corporations have invested heavily in the U.K., including global banking giantNomura (NMR) and top automakers Toyota (TM), Nissan (NSANF) and Honda (

UK offered Brexit free trade deal with Australia

Theresa May described the move as "very encouraging" and insisted it showed Brexit can work for Britain.

In a phone call to the new PM, her Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull said he urgently wanted to open up trading between the two countries.

Liam Fox, the new international trade secretary, said he was already "scoping about a dozen free trade deals".

But Britain cannot sign any deals while it is still an EU member.

Mrs May said: "I have been very clear that this government will make a success of our exit from the European Union.

Nice attack: UK must redouble efforts on terror - May

The prime minister said Britain stood "shoulder to shoulder" with France after a lorry drove into a crowd killing at least 84 and injuring 50.

Downing Street says a "small number" of Britons were injured in Nice.

The attack was of "an undeniable terrorist nature", French President Francois Hollande has said.

UK police forces are reviewing security at major events over the next week.

Gloom and hope for the future in UK tech

And the message from a survey carried out by Tech City UK is pretty gloomy - though the organisation itself sees some reasons for optimism.

Tech City UK got responses from more than 1,200 members of the tech community. Questioned in the immediate aftermath of the referendum, 74% of them said they thought the economy would get worse, not better.

UK proposes 10 Year prison for Online Pirates who illegally upload/download torrents

This will allow the courts to hand out prison sentences up to 10 years to such copyright offenders. These changes have been proposed after a government-backed study suggested that online copyright infringement should be considered similar to offences like counterfeiting.

A few months earlier, a study sponsored by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) concluded that the maximum punishment sentence being awarded for the online copyright infringement is not enough.

Delivery may change but aid to Pacific remains: UK

This was despite 15 percent of the EU's spending in the region coming from its UK contributions.

According to RNZI, Roderick Drummond said modes of delivery would have to change but he said the UK and the EU have a shared vision for supporting development in the Pacific.

UK goes to polls in EU referendum

Polling stations are open between 07:00 BST and 22:00 BST.

An estimated 46,499,537 people are entitled to take part in the vote - a record number for a UK poll.

It is only the third nationwide referendum in UK history and comes after a four-month battle for votes between the Leave and Remain campaigns.

In common with other broadcasters, the BBC is limited in what it can report while polls are open but you can follow the results as they come in across the BBC after polls close on Thursday evening.

British woman who took toddler to join Islamic State jailed for six years

Tareena Shakil, 26, was convicted last week of being a member of the group and encouraging acts of terrorism.


The Corrs are back with new album

Even Jim's involved.

The Irish four-piece will return with new album White Light on November 27, before kicking off a headline arena tour of the UK and Ireland in the New Year.

The Corrs have spent most of 2015 in London working on their new record, which will be the follow-up to 2005's Home.

The band's new tour will start at Birmingham's Genting Arena on January 19, and finish up at Belfast's SSE Arena.