Upolu island

Most of coral around Samoa's Upolu has died - report

A team of scientists studied 123 sites along 83 kilometres of Upolu's coast in 2016, and their findings have been published in the journalĀ Marine Pollution Bulletin.

In half the sites surveyed, live corals populated less than one percent of a given reef.

At 80 percent of sites, live corals were below 10 percent.

The scientists estimate these reefs may have previously had 60 to 80 percent live coral.

Plans for new prison on Savaii

Tialavea Tionisio Hunt said with 40 inmates, the current prison at Vaia'ata is overcrowded and needs upgrading.

"The prison house at Vaiaata looks like a family house with barred windows and a door. It's not your typical prison house and quite frankly I don't think any other prison in the world looks like the one we have in Savaii," said Tialavea.