Vaccination programme

Australia begins Covid-19 booster vaccination programme

Today marks the formal beginning of the booster program, but more than 173,000 boosters had already been administered in Australia as of Saturday.

The Pfizer vaccine is currently being offered for booster shots, even for people who were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca jab.

While the government's expert advisory group on vaccines said Pfizer was the preferred shot, AstraZeneca could be used as a booster for people who received it as their primary course, or if they had an adverse reaction to an mRNA vaccine.

Samoa NEOC Chair assures enough COVID-19 vaccines for everyone

Agafili Tomaimanō Shem Leo, and Chairman of the National Emergency Operation Center, (NEOC) assured the country via a Facebook Live Stream on the Government of Samoa’s platform at the weekend, according to a Savali newspaper report.

“There is no need to panic or rush, rest assured we have enough vaccine injections for everyone,” added Agafili.

“Systems in place will also ensure that you can receive the vaccines from any of the teams to be dispatched to the public if your missed it due to unforeseen situations.”

American Samoans to be kept out of school if not vaccinated

In December a two month old child from New Zealand was admitted to LBJ Hospital with symptoms of the disease.

The Department of Health is driving a campaign to promote immunisation after recent cases were recorded in the Northland region of New Zealand

Medical Director Joseph Tufa said parents should make sure their children are protected from the potentially deadly disease.

The department has asked parents to provide proof that their children have received the meningococcal vaccine and booster shot.