Shareholder wants action to keep iconic beer in Samoa

The company's parent firm recently announced that it was moving production to Fiji with 50 jobs to be affected.

Samoa Breweries Ltd is majority owned by Paradise Beverages Ltd, and general manager Mike Spencer said in a statement it had not taken the decision lightly.

He said Samoa Breweries' commercial viability had steadily declined over the past five years due to a combination of factors including ageing machinery, the impact of the 2019 measles outbreak, followed by the disruption caused by Covid-19.

Paradise Beverages renews focus on producing great beer in Samoa

Chairman Betty Ivanhoff said in a statement that from early 2021, Coca Cola trademark beverages currently produced by PBF’s Samoan subsidiary Samoa Breweries Limited will be imported into Samoa from Fiji and New Zealand to allow Samoa Breweries to focus on brewing and growing the Vailima Brand.

Samoa Breweries will continue to distribute The Coca-Cola Company’s trademark beverages range but will be able to offer consumers a larger range of beverages including a significantly expanded range of No Sugar and Low Sugar beverages previously unavailable in Samoa.