Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret apologizes to customer who says she was racially profiled

Kimberly Houzah says she and another black woman were told to leave the store by someone she thought was a manager. The lingerie giant said the employee is no longer with the company.

In her video, Houzah says the incident started when a third African-American woman was allegedly accused of shoplifting on Wednesday at the store at the Quintard Mall in Oxford. The manager, Houzah says, then told her and a third black woman they needed to leave the store.

Victoria's Secret denies Sun article about turning down 'bloated' Cara Delevingne

The article, which has now been taken down, talked about a strict audition process which models have to go through even if they've taken part before.

Victoria's Secret denied the claims in an Instagram post put up by the model.

Cara Delevingne shared this letter written by the US lingerie company.

Edward Razek from Victoria's Secret says that she was the first person invited to appear and they did everything they could to have her at the 2014 show in London.

But due to her filming commitments she wasn't available.