AI-generated Drake and The Weeknd song goes viral

Called Heart On My Sleeve, the track simulates the two stars trading verses about pop star and actress Selena Gomez, who previously dated The Weeknd.

BBC reports the creator, known as @ghostwriter, claims the song was created by software trained on the musician's voices.

"This is just the beginning," they wrote under the song's YouTube video.

"We really are in a new era," responded one listener in the comments. "Can't even tell what's legit or fake anymore."

Man marks his ex-girlfriend's apology letter and sends it back to her

Nick Lutz decided to get a red marker out and critique the four-page note before sending it back to his former lover.

He told Newsbeat: "We started dating in February of last year and dated for about eight months.

"Four months in she started hiding her phone and I heard she had code names for guys in her contacts list."

Nick who studies at the University of Central Florida, says he received the apology, shortly after calling time on the relationship.

He starts off by saying the introduction is too long and that there's lots of repetition.

From backflips to power potato peeling: why videos go viral

A lot of the research in this area has looked at what makes people share, since it's assumed something goes viral because it's shareable. But exactly what motivates a person to tell others about a video?

Viral videos have four things in common that inspire us to share and drive up those YouTube views.


The dark side of going viral that no one talks about

His account, @joshholzz - the original site of the "Damn Daniel" meme - began tweeting out racist memes on February 27.

At some point after that, screenshots show, someone changed the account's header to read "Meme Team" and the listed name to "XTM".