Work emails

Banning out-of-hours email 'could harm employee wellbeing'

University of Sussex researchers found while a ban could help some staff switch off, it could also stop people achieving work goals, causing stress.

Companies are increasingly curbing email use to tackle burnout. France has even legislated on the issue.

But human resources body CIPD said it agreed with the university's findings.

According to the research, strict policies on email use could be harmful to employees with "high levels of anxiety and neuroticism".

French workers get 'right to disconnect' from emails out of hours

The new law, which has been dubbed the "right to disconnect", comes into force on 1 January.

Companies with more than 50 workers will be obliged to draw up a charter of good conduct, setting out the hours when staff are not supposed to send or answer emails.

France has a working week of 35 hours, in place since 2000.