Yahoo sold again in new bid to revive its fortunes

 US telecoms giant Verizon is selling its media assets, which include the two companies, to a US private equity firm in a deal worth $5bn (£3.6bn).

Verizon bought Yahoo in 2017 and AOL in 2015 for a combined $9bn.

Yahoo and AOL were once trailblazers, but were subsequently overshadowed by firms like Google and Facebook.

Under the sale of the media assets to Apollo Global Management, Verizon will retain a 10% stake in the division.

Yahoo closes internet prodigy's news app

It was launched in 2014 and is based on a technology developed by a British teenager that compressed other news outlets' reports into shorter articles.

Yahoo was reported to have paid £20m for the tech and offered its creator Nick D'Aloisio a full-time job, but he opted instead to go to university.

The closure marks one of the first cuts made since Verizon bought Yahoo.

The telecoms company paid $4.5bn (£3.6bn) for the internet services firm in a deal that was completed on 13 June.

Yahoo faces Chinese dissidents' lawsuit

The fund - more than $17m (£13.5m ) - was set up after Yahoo provided information about political dissidents to the Chinese government.

It appointed a high-profile political activist, Harry Wu, to administer the funds.

The lawsuit alleges that Mr Wu, who died last year, used the money for other purposes.

Mr Wu ran the Washington-based human rights group Laogai Research Foundation.

The lawsuit claims that in fact the funds were used to fight other legal cases and to buy two properties in Washington for the human rights organisation.


Hacker selling over 1 million decrypted Gmail and Yahoo passwords

Now, according to the recent news, login credentials and other personal data linked to more than one Million Yahoo and Gmail accounts are reportedly being offered for sale on the dark web marketplace.

Yahoo hacked once again!

If yes, then you need to think once again, as the company is warning its users of another hack.

Last year, Yahoo admitted two of the largest data breaches on record. One of which that took place in 2013 disclosed personal details associated with more than 1 Billion Yahoo user accounts.

Well, it's happened yet again.

Yahoo! is DEAD, will be renamed “Altaba”

The 4.8 billion initial deal is reconsidered by Verizon for a bargain after the reported data breach affecting 1 billion accounts.


Yahoo boosted by profits rise as Verizon reviews hacking impact

Verizon Communications agreed to buy Yahoo for $4.8bn (£4bn), but disclosure of a huge data breach put a question mark over the deal.

In the quarter to 30 September, Yahoo's profits rose to $163m, from $76.3m last year, on revenue up 6.5% to $1.3bn.

Chief executive Marissa Mayer said the figures underlined Yahoo's value.

"We remain very confident, not only in the value of our business, but also in the value Yahoo products bring to our users' lives," she said in a statement.

Yahoo 'secretly scanned emails for US authorities'

Reuters news agency says the firm built special software last year to comply with a classified request.

"Yahoo is a law abiding company, and complies with the laws of the United States," the tech firm said in a statement provided to the BBC.

The allegation comes less than a fortnight after Yahoo said hackers had stolen dataabout many of its users.

Lessons learned from major hacks

Ashley Madison - 32m accounts leaked

Last year, real-world account details of millions of people using the Ashley Madison site were leaked. They had all been using a site intended for married people who wanted to find somebody to cheat on their spouse with.

In terms of numbers, this was not the biggest hack of recent years by a long shot. But it had a huge impact on peoples' lives.

Attack on Yahoo hit 500 million users

The breach included swathes of personal information including names and emails as well as “unencrypted security questions and answers”.

It did not include any credit card data, the site said, adding it believed the attack was state-sponsored.

In July, Yahoo was sold to US telecoms giant Verizon for $4.8bn (£3.7bn).

The FBI has confirmed it is investigating the attack.


Password change urged