Jamaican dance: Dancehall style brings fresh vibes to Australian streets

"I would describe dancehall as a culture," Alexx Mubanga said.

"It's a culture, it's from Jamaica and it's a way of escaping the struggles, everyday struggles."

Born in Kitwe in Zambia, Mr Mubanga moved to Perth eight years ago to study at TAFE, and while he had always loved the dance form he never thought he would be doing it long term.

"My family more wanted me to study, something like mechanical engineering, which is why I went into that," he said.

But as an international student, the 29-year-old found he was having to work all night just to pay his fees.

Zambia women's 'day off for periods' sparks debate

This is no doubt why a provision in the country's labour law that allows female workers to take off one day a month is known as Mother's Day, even though it applies to all women, whether or not they have children.

The legal definition is not precise - women can take the day when they want and do not have to provide any medical justification, leading some to question the provision.

"I think it's a good law because women go through a lot when they are on their menses [periods]," says Ndekela Mazimba, who works in public relations.