Google claims that Chrome Browser now reloads web pages 28% faster

A new update to Google Chrome web browser will make web pages reload 28% faster from now.

They have made small changes to the reload feature which has so far remained unchanged since years.

When you click the reload button, the web browser validates all the links and content present on the web page to see if they’re fresh or not. Thus, it has to initiate numerous requests for a single web page.

In earlier times, web page had a tendency to break more often. The reload acted as saviors in such cases. With time, websites on the internet have become more stable, and the use of the reload button is now confined to update stale content on the web page.

An update made to Google Chrome commands it to update the main resource only while reloading a web page and rely more the cached data stored on the users’ computer. Chrome will be able to reload web pages around 28% faster and reduce data usage, power consumption, and latency.