Redefining Possibilities - Digicel Fiji is FIRST to launch 5G Test

Digicel Fiji today demonstrated its leadership in telecommunications by becoming the first Mobile Operator in Fiji to officially launch 5G testing.

Digicel Fiji officially received a license in Fiji to test 5G technology on 17th April from the Ministry of Communications.

Today 5G testing commences. Following testing, Digicel will work with the Government and our partners on a deployment plan.

Speaking at the official testing launch, Regional Digicel Pacific CEO, Ms. Shally Jannif said that this is a significant step for Digicel Fiji as it once again leads the way with innovation and becomes the first telecommunications provider in Fiji to officially launch 5G testing. This marks a new milestone for Digicel Fiji and the people of Fiji.

“The hunger for faster internet grows each day. Smartphones and the booming Internet of Things mean that data traffic is increasing.”

“Data networks are like busy traffic-filled highways. 5G relieves this congestion by adding lanes in the form of spectrum bandwidth. This increased capacity leads to faster data speeds and better performance – especially in crowded areas,” added Ms. Jannif.

“This is the 5th generation of mobile network technology. 2G brought us SMS and picture messaging. 3G was all about mobile internet. 4G made streaming and sharing part of everyday life. 5G stands for fifth generation and is the next leap forward in mobile network technology.”

5G delivers faster downloads, seamless streaming, gaming in real-time. 5G represents a future where devices are interconnected, and immersive experiences are the norm.

5G technology offers numerous benefits to businesses, including increased capacity, lower latency, and better connectivity. This translates into improved streaming, enhanced video conferences, and greater ability to perform tasks remotely. With faster response times and access to near real-time data, businesses can power technologies in industries such as healthcare, construction, education, industrial automation, public safety, and virtual and augmented reality, where quick response times are critical.

“We would like to thank the government for granting us this license, and for their ongoing support of our efforts to bring the latest in mobile technology to the people of Fiji,” said Ms. Jannif.

The chief guest at the 5G test launch, The Honourable Viliame Gavoka, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation switched on the test at the Digicel Khalsa office today and it delivered a download speed of 946mbps.

“Sectors such as travel, and tourism depend on access to the internet for competitiveness. Airlines and crafts depend on it for safe navigation. Retailers, medical professionals, students, farmers – essentially everyone. For an island nation like us, connectivity is ten-folds more important,” said Mr. Gavoka.

Digicel Fiji, which is owned by Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications and technology company, is excited to commence this network testing. Digicel Fiji looks forward to applying its network experience, innovation, and technology solutions with its expertise in rolling out a world-class network to assist Fiji to introduce 5G to its customers in the future.