IWF Junior World Championship

Dream becomes reality for Samoan weightlifters at Junior World Champs

Don Opeloge kicked off proceedings on Tuesday in the men's 89kg division, winning gold in the clean and jerk and total.

Feagaiga Stowers joined the party on Saturday, winning gold in the women's 87kg division with a personal best lift of 124kg in the snatch to edge out the 2018 world champion Lee Seon Mi, while finishing only one kilogram shy of her Korean opponent in the overall category.

The 18-year-old also finished second in the clean and jerk while Don Opeloge was awarded the trophy for "Best Overall Male Lifter".

Don Opeloge reeling from shock wins at global championships

The 20 year-old says he was not expecting to win any medals especially as he was competing with a lot of experienced weightlifters from around the world.

Opeloge made history after he secured Samoa’s first ever-gold medal in the competition with a lift of 193kg.

He set a new personal best of 198kg with his final attempt to also win the overall title by one kilogram from Iran's Mohammad Hosseini.

USA’s Cummings sets new record in Youth M73kg event of IWF

Made his debut in the competition back in 2016, Cummings successfully lifted 192kg in his third attempt.

In the “snatch” category, he lifted 145kg in his first attempt but was unsuccessful in his second and third attempt with 148kg and 150kg respectively.

In the “clean & jerk” category, Cummings lifted 180kg in his first attempt, 185kg in his second attempt and his record breaking 192kg in his final attempt.

His overall weight lifted is 337kg.