“Girls can fly” – Samoa Airways Pilot inspires young women to soar

“I remember thinking; these aren’t butterflies – these are more like dragons!” said Faanafi “the turbulence was a little scary and it felt like my stomach was in my chest – but it was fun.”

With just over 5% of airline pilots worldwide being female, Fanaafi is “flying” the path less travelled as the only female pilot at Samoa Airways, working in a traditionally male dominant industry.

Pilot for Sala didn't have commercial licence

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) confirmed David Ibbotson held a private pilot's licence.

Its interim report said he could only fly passengers in the EU on a cost sharing basis, not for reward.

Cardiff City said it had "grave concerns" and questions over the validity of the pilot's licence.

Investigators have not yet been able to establish what arrangement Mr Ibbotson had with Sala, and the status of 59-year-old's licence at the time of the crash on 21 January will form part of the AAIB's investigations.

Meet the youngest female commander of a Boeing 777

This didn't stop Indian pilot Anny Divya from trailblazing her way to the top. Thirty-year-old Divya is now the youngest female commander of a Boeing 777 aircraft in the world.

Divya holds the high position with Air India -- the culmination of a childhood dream of flying the skies.

Dreaming big

"I always wanted to become a pilot, from my childhood," Divya tells CNN Travel. "I didn't have anybody around who knew about piloting at that time. I had no guidance [...] I just wanted to fly."