Suspended police officer

Suspended police sergeant in Samoa denies manslaughter charge

The accused is jointly charged with Ulugia Lomalasi Laufili, another man from the village of Vaiusu, where the 20 year-old deceased also lived.

A former Attorney General currently working in a private law firm, Taulapapa Brenda Heather Latū, is prosecuting the police case.

It comes after the Attorney-General's Office declared a conflict of interest because the suspended sergeant had worked with state lawyers in the prosecution division.

Charges against suspended Samoa policeman dismissed

According to court documents all the charges against Hillary Eteuati were dismissed in a separate hearing in 2016 and in a Supreme Court appeal hearing last year.

But the lawyer for the accused had fought a long legal battle against the prosecution over why the police had wanted to refile the charges.

Mr Eteuati was originally charged with assault, obstruction, threatening words and armed with a dangerous weapon.