Anti-doping tests for Pacific Games athletes

Athletes are being urged to take heed of anti- doping tests at the Pacific Games, which begin in Samoa on 7 July.

This has been confirmed by the Team Samoa Chef de Mission, Nynette Sass at a podcast training workshop for a group of journalists that is being conducted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Our officials will be present at the games and will walk up to athletes that won their events, say if they win gold, the official will come up to them and tap their back to tell them to take the test. If the athletes refuse, they have to have a valid reason like they have another event to attend to. If not, officials will be on their backs till they take the test,” Sass said.

She adds that athletes who have tested positive in the test will also have consequences to face.

“If we come across athletes that are tested positive, officials will keep an eye on them throughout the games and actions will be undertaken,” she said.

Sass also advised athletes that are visiting doctors before the games to be mindful of the medicines they take and to cross check with organisers on the conditions.

“Some medicines might have chemicals in it that could test positive for anti-doping and for that athletes must check our Pacific Games and anti-doping websites online to verify the medicines that are not allowed for them to take.”


Photo Loop Samoa. Caption: Team Samoa Chef de Mission, Nynette Sass


Josephine Navula