Connect PNG reaching the unreached

The Connect PNG Infrastructure Development is the Government’s development approach to support the expansion and connectivity of the Economic Corridor Development (EDC) concept under the PNG’s 2010 – 2030 Strategic Plan.

The Government policy drive is to ensure that these Economic Development Corridors are not only developed but importantly, connected to enhanced participation and growth that will enable the timely realization of PNG becoming a middle-level income nation by 2050.

The program aims to enhance support for sustainable socio-economic development and national cohesion and unity, by connecting PNG's four main regions over the next 20 years.

Two missing links that were on the Government’s focus is the Finschhafen to Lae in Morobe and Tabubil to Telefomin in West Sepik Province.

On Friday, January 19, 2024, Deputy Prime Minister John Rosso accompanied the Minister for Works and Highways and MP for Telefomin, Solan Mirisim with other Government leaders officially opened the Tabubil to Urapmin section of the missing link with eight kilometers remaining to reach Telefomin station.

The tough and rugged Hindenburg wall was a challenge that the local contractor Ipwenz Construction took on board, making the impossible become possible, connecting the Urapmin village on the other side of the range.

Minister for Works and Highways and Telefomin MP, Solan Mirisim was impressed with the progress of the road and says for the first time his people can travel to Tabubil to sell their fresh produce and return home on the same day.

Mirisim said the road is an enabling infrastructure for development and his district has never seen or experienced that for over 50 years.

The road has reduced travel time, saved costs for the people and most importantly provided access for them to sell their fresh produce at Tabubil and Kiunga markets and return home with their earned monies.

“It usually took my people to walk two days and nights using a bush track to reach Tabubil. Today, they can hop on a PMV to Tabubil, sell their fresh produce and return with store goods in the afternoon.

“The Connect PNG program is not a scam as critics have claimed but has reached the remotest parts of the country and I want to thank the Marape-Roso Government for this initiative.

 “This is the kind of life every PNG Citizen deserves and Connect PNG Policy is truly making that happen,” said Mirisim.

Mirisim also thanked Ipwenz Construction (IPZ) Limited a local contractor for their tireless effort despite cutting the road through one of the very challenging land geographies.

"It took them almost 6 years to cut through the Hindenburg wall, over to Rumbil and now into the first village in Telefomin, Urapmin. It will not be too long before the road reaches Telefomin station."

The remaining 8-km work from Urapmin to Telefomin station will start on Monday.

According to the Chief Operator, Ivan Yemis, they are anticipating to complete it by mid-year.

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