Lafita keeps fingers crossed for football referees selection

Manu Lafita is keeping his fingers crossed to make the cut into the final team of football referees at the Pacific Games, which starts next week.

He will be attending the meeting for the confirmation of the selected names.

"Today we will know who will be picked to be one of the referees at the Pacific Games. And I am ready for it," said Lafita.

The businessman has been a local football referee for almost five years now.

The Vaiala native is grateful they are hosting the games this year.

"The games will create alot of opportunities in Samoa. And we are proud to be hosting this year."

Lagita also runs a stall at the flee market and is expecting the business to bloom this year.

"I have been selling my own designs of lavalavas for three years now and not only that, but necklace and carvings."

"Teams from NZ have already arrived and they visited my stall. Almost bought all the local necklaces. And i know more teams that are to arrive, will be here too to buy something for them to remember this trip," he adds.

Meanwhile, all local referees are expected to be at the Samoa Football headquarters for the final selection.

The opening ceremony of the Pacific Games will be held next Sunday.


Josephine Navula