Digicel Fiji provides $10,000 cash funding to IWA

Digicel Fiji, Wednesday donated a cash sponsorship of $10,000 to the International Women’s Association (IWA) to assist with new teleconference and facility requirements towards projects they will undertake this year.

Digicel worked in partnership with the IWA, a non-profit organization to see the first milestone project through in December 2018, which introduced a new teleconference facility at the CWM Children’s Hospital in Suva.

Mike Greig, Digicel Fiji CEO said; “Digicel looks forward to seeing the donation being utilized within the community on projects to be undertaken by the IWA on much needed services using new technology.”

”Digicel is committed to helping communities with much needed facilities and to improve access to services that would often not be consistently available.” 

“This partnership with IWA allows Digicel to support activities pre-researched in society and helps fund a worthy cause.”

IWA President, Judy Compain acknowledged the cash donation from Digicel Fiji and thanked them for their continued confidence and partnership.

“This cash contribution would assist the IWA with projects in the pipeline, particularly in areas where telecommunication would be a priority,” added Compain.


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