Linking agritourism and trade changing mindsets in the Pacific

An international institution is making inroads in helping Pacific countries link agriculture, tourism and trade.

Over the past five years the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation has been helping regional governments to develop agritourism policies and grow trade.

This has been achieved in Samoa and Fiji by linking hotels with the local farmers associations.

In Vanuatu, the government now primarily sources locally produced food for all its official functions and events.

In Solomon Islands work is beginning on developing food tourism and tapping into niche markets like beauty and wellness products.

The CTA's manager in Brussels Isolina Boto said their work in the Pacific is as much about changing mindsets as it is about policy.

"You have to buy local, you know you have to improve your quality. And bringing together the two ends, the consumer, the visitors, the people in the hotels and restaurants and of course the ones who produce and process the products. So I mean actually I am very impressed with what they have done, I have to say, in the countries."