Samoa Airways reveals new logo

Samoa Airways, Samoa’s new international airline, has revealed its new logo as it prepares to launch international jet services.

The logo which acknowledges the airline’s origins and links, features an adapted version of the iconic coconut tree which since 1959 has been the symbol of the National Carrier.

A statement said Samoa’s National Airline was the first and is still the only carrier in the South Pacific to use the coconut tree in its branding.

In the past, copra was a key part of Samoa’s economy and today the humble coconut and its numerous value-added by-products together with tourism play a vital role in Samoa’s social and economic development.

For Samoans, the coconut tree has its many uses and like the growth trajectory of the ‘tree of life’, it also represents the resilience and versatility of Samoans to punch above their weight and proudly take their place on the global stage.

To Visitors, the coconut tree invokes images of warm tropical weather, beautiful beaches and a luxuriant Pacific environment which Samoa has in abundance. Combined with its age-old culture and way of life, it’s these simple pleasures and authentic experiences which draw many visitors to Beautiful Samoa.

These key elements provide the basis for Samoa Airways’ aspirations which are to build a solid foundation for the National Airline enabling it to compete successfully on the global stage, to connect the global Samoan diaspora to the ‘motherland’ and to be a major player in driving tourism growth, in collaboration with key partners, through the promotion of Samoa as a premium visitor destination.

The airline’s logo prominently features ‘SAMOA’ and uses the three colours of the Samoan flag.



Photo supplied. Caption: New logo for Samoa Airways