Bail stays for 3 accused of cyber-crime offences

Samoa’s Chief Justice Patū Tiava’asu’e Falefatu Sapolu has ordered the two men and a woman accused of an alleged pyramid money making scheme to continue on the bail conditions set down by the court four weeks ago.


This was after defence counsel Leota Raymond Schuster verbally sought the court’s indulgence in reducing the conditions.
Bail conditions include surrendering of all travel documents and for the trio to sign in at the police station twice a week.
Chief Justice Patū informed Leota to make an application to the Court, but until then, the bail condition remains.
The matter was adjourned to Monday for the court to rule on the name suppression order and for prosecution to finalise the charges.
However, prosecution asked for another adjournment as there are additional charges yet to be finalised.
“With reluctance I have to adjourn this matter again to next Monday for prosecution to lodge, finalize and serve the additional charges to the defence,” said CJ Patū.
One of the defendants shook his head in disappointment and the defence counsel asked for court time this week.
CJ Patū said his schedule is tight but emphasized to prosecution that this would be the final adjournment.
“If this matter is called again and prosecution has not finalised the charges, the court will go ahead with information already before the court,” said the judge.
An interim suppression order for the publication of the trio’s name was also emphasized by CJ Patu.
The trio was arrested at the airport last month as they were preparing to leave Samoa.


Photo: Chief Justice Patū Tiava’asu’e Falefatu Sapolu