Cordner or Jackson should lead NSW: Gallen

Retired NSW State of Origin captain Paul Gallen believes Boyd Cordner or Josh Jackson should be made the next leader of the Blues.

NSW coach Laurie Daley has yet to decide on who will captain the state in 2017 after Gallen stepped down from Blues duties following this year's series loss.

However if it was up to him, it would go to one of his first-choice second-rowers.

"I like guys like Josh Jackson and Boyd Cordner. I think it should be out of them," Gallen told AAP at a Save Our Sons charity function in Sydney on Tuesday.

"They're both leaders, they wouldn't ask you to do anything that they don't do themselves.

"They both train hard and they're well-respected. Fit and healthy they're both going to be in the team."

Gallen insists the ideal candidate also needs to play long minutes, an attribute he held for the majority of his tenure with the exception of the most recent series.

Both Cordner and Jackson regularly play 80 minutes at club level.

"I believe a captain should be out there as much as possible. I was captain for Origin from 2011 and every game I played, if I didn't play 80 minutes, I was playing 70-plus," he said.

Gallen, 35, said his successor would be supported by a string of club captains who are emerging at Origin level, including Aaron Woods and Matt Moylan.

The only pressure he felt during his time as leader was off the field.

"To be in the NSW team itself, to be one of those 17 players, the majority of them are leaders anyway," he said.

"Your job in camp isn't different to what you do at your club. You just gotta lead by example, that was always my way. Every one in the team's a leader. That part of it isn't so hard.

"It's just everything else that goes with it - the promos, the media commitments, all stuff like that. That's what you gotta learn to deal with."

Newly appointed Origin adviser Peter Sterling said performing the role at club level was an advantage when Daley considers next year's skipper.

"There'll be a lot of considerations as to who will take on that role and why, but I think if you have a look at the squad too, there's a lot of club captains that are involved," he said.

"That will probably be a bit of an advantage, if you are a club captain. That might shorten the list a little bit, but that'll be Laurie's decision."