Elderly man found dead after a night at the casino

An 80 year old man from the village of Ululoloa in Samoa, who resides in New Zealand was found dead inside his car after a night at the casino early Friday morning.

The Ministry of Police spokesperson Su’a Muliaga Tiumalu said the deceased was at the casino at Sheraton Hotel at Mulifanua.

At around 1.00am in the morning, he left, but never reached the main road.

Sheraton’s staff on their way home saw the car parked a few meters from the main road went to see if he needed help, but found the man already dead.

Faleolo police outpost was alerted and police  took the man to Leulumoega  district hospital.

According to Su’a, the man’s daughter said her father has a heart condition which could have been the cause of his death.

A doctor at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole hospital also confirmed that the deceased was a frequent visitor to the hospital.

In a separate incident, Su’a has confirmed the death of a 49 year old of Vailima from suicide.

The man used a 12 mg gun to end his life after an argument with his wife. Su’a said no post mortem is needed for both cases as the cause of death has been determined.