Emma Foy wins cycling silver in Rio

Tandem pair Emma Foy and her pilot Laura Thompson have won a silver medal at track cycling at the Rio Paralympics.

 The pair finished behind Great Britain in the women's B 3000m Individual Pursuit.

New Zealand's newest tandem pairing of Amanda Cameron and Hannah van Kampen finished fourth.

Foy, who only entered the sport of para-cycling just over three years ago, is joined by sighted pilot Thompson who brings extensive Paralympic Games experience after winning the trifecta of medals at London 2012.

Para-cycling was about team work with pilot Laura Thompson, Foy told Morning Report

"She controls the steering of the bike, the gears on the road, where it goes - she's the eyes. But in terms of riding it, we're both pedalling.

"I compare it to a rowing double - it's a lot about synergy and working together, working as a team rather than being strong individually."

They will be trying for more medals, in the time trial and road race. "We've definitely got the potential for more medals." she said. "I'm always feeling lucky."

New Zealand is 13th on the medal table with three gold, three silver and two bronze.

Photo: Photosport