No more fluke entry says Samoan Sports Minister

Team Samoa were visited by their Sports Minister Loau Sola Keneti Sio at the Rio Olympic Village and encouraged the athletes to do their best.

Team Samoa has 8 competitors and 12 officials.

Minister Sio a former Manu Samoa inside back had time to talk to the athletes who will compete in weightlifting (2), athletics (2), swimming (2), and one each in sailing and judo.

The minister is confident that Samoan athletes will perform well in their respective events.

Coming to Rio 2016 is a new experience for the minister who was elected early this year.

The proud Samoan Minister says they are going back to the drawing board to rebuild from scratch.

Minister Sio has set his sights on how Samoa can make a comeback in some of the sports they are known for, rugby 7s, boxing and weightlifting.

He says all stakeholders- government, sporting federations, Samoa National Olympic Committee need to work together.

“Government needs to walk the talk and pour resources in.

“We must make sure we don’t get in by fluke.

“Those running the sports organisation must put the right people in as well,” said Minister Sio.

He’s attended the Commonwealth Sports Ministers meeting and has made some valuable friendship and contacts