Philippines company close to building American Samoa plant

The owner of the Philippines company, AVM Bernardo, hopes they can start building their food processing plant in American Samoa before the end of this year.

Anthony Bernardo led a delegation to Pago Pago last week.

He told local media that the financing is in place, but they want to make sure fish supplies are guaranteed.

The businessman says they have received great support from the administration and he is confident they will be able to start construction at the Tafuna Industrial Park within months.

"It is already a done deal. We already have the capability to do the production and do the marketing. It is a matter of making sure we have input [fish supplies] and we don't just need a few of them, we need a lot. So we have to make sure we have enough input and we are doing our own homework so we can be sure of the input for the plant."