Samoa netball confronts World Cup challenge

Samoa netball has had its share of challenges in bringing 12 players together and giving them sufficient preparation for the sport's pinnacle event.

The team arrive in Sydney next week for the Netball World Cup where they'll meet Jamaica in their first pool match.

The coach Marcia Hardcastle says when she started at the helm in 2012, Samoa had five homegrown players - now they have none.

She says there are obstacles in getting players from around Australia and New Zealand together and well prepared.

"Because we still have overseas players and players within New Zealand, it is very difficult and with the lack of funding they have as a country itself for netball, that is difficult to get them in once place."

The logistical challenges in preparing 12 players spread across two countries is one Samoa netball is familiar with.

Hardcastle says Netball Samoa has always come to the party with funding World Cup training camps but there are still obstacles.

"It is still difficult for us to have more than we would like because of the time the girls have to take off work and the time commitments they have as families as you know they're not paid players so as far as the girls having to take time off work we've cut down camps because of that, they need to be at work."

Fiji will come up against Wales in their opening match next Friday.