Storm warnings cancelled for Guam and CNMI

The National Weather Service on Guam says the Tropical Storm warnings for Guam and the Northern Marianas islands of Rota, Tinian and Saipan, and the adjacent coastal waters, has now been cancelled.

It says the Typhoon Watch has also been cancelled.

This morning, 9am local time, Tropical Storm Goni was 144 kilometres west of Saipan, 128 kilometres west of Tinian, 120 kilometres northwest of Rota and 168 kilometres north-northwest of Guam, packing 104 kph sustained winds. Tropical storm-force winds extend 120 from its centre.

Lead forecaster, Michael Ziobro, says Tropical Storm Goni will develop into a Typhoon either tonight or early tomorrow morning but it will be too faraway from Guam and the CNMI.

He says Goni is moving at 14 kilometres per hour.

"Any of the watch and warnings that were out for the local area here have been cancelled because the winds have decreased over the local areas so there's nothing in effect any more"

Michael Ziobro says Tropical Storm Atasani, over 1,600 kilmetres east of Guam, could also develop into a Typhoon but it's not expected to be a direct concern for Guam or the CNMI.