Tonga PM told to stop interfering with Pacific Games prep

Tonga's Prime Minister has been urged to stop interfering with preparations for the 2019 Pacific Games.

'Akilisi Pohiva has told parliament he has doubts that the country will be ready in time to host the Games.

He said the government had still not found land to build an 18-hole golf course for the Games and the scheduled upgrade of the Teufaiva Stadium was also in doubt.

But the CEO of the Games Organising Committee, Lord Sevele, said a new golf course is not necessary.

"Now, we do not need an 18 hole course. A nine hole course is sufficient for the purposes of holding the golf tournament during the Games," he said.

"It has been made quite clear to them and to the golf association and that's the planning all along - an upgrading and improvements like enlarging of the existing golf course."

Lord Sevele said officials had agreed a plan to begin the rebuilding of Teufaiva Stadium in March this year but nothing has happened since.

Papua New Guinea's offer of assistance has also yet to be confirmed and he says the Tonga government should take responsibility, put their hands in their pockets and get on with it themselves.

Photo: RNZI / Vinnie Wylie