United Liberation Movement for West Papua still determined for self determination

After being granted Observer status by the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) last week, the United Liberation Movement for West Papua is still determined for self-determination.

The organisation’s General Secretary, Octo Mote says, there’s still a lot be done.

Being granted Observer status, adds a new chapter for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.

A movement that champions self-determination.

Last week’s ruling by the MSG has boosted the confidence of the Movement.

“We know in 5 years from now we will be 29% in our land. In that kind of need moment, the MSG leaders standing in 2013, they (MSG Council) our right to for self-determination. They recognize human rights violation,” said Octo Mote, Secretary General, ULMWP Initially applying for full membership, the organisation was only granted Observer status.

An outcome, Mote highlights is still a significant win.

“Of course so many things we can do. The leaders have a heart and mind. We are an Observer I can talk with the chairman, I can visit the member state. Before an outside; now am in,” he said.

For the West Papua movement, the movement for self-determination still lingers on.

“We will use these two years to get what we really applied for which is full membership. We will work with him (MSG Chairman) and other leaders,” he said.