End of Perth Covid-19 lockdown 'too early to predict

The Western Australian premier is holding his tongue when it comes to predicting whether Perth’s snap three-day lockdown will end, as planned, on Tuesday.

“Right now, it’s too early to predict what will happen come Tuesday,” Mark McGowan​ said at a press conference on Sunday.

While Perth is in lockdown, travel between New Zealand and Western Australia remains on hold. There has been no indication from the Government or airlines on when flights will resume.

Health advice around the Covid-19 situation in Perth is due on Monday, but McGowan warned some public safety measures may remain even if lockdown ends.

“I think people should get used to the prospect that there’ll be some further measures continued beyond Monday. What they are exactly at this point in time we don’t have, but we'll work them out over the coming 24 hours.”

Measures implemented during the lockdown include a stay-at-home order and mandatory mask use for Perth and Peel residents when outside.

No update has been released by the WA Government yet.