Tahiti cruise passenger confirmed Covid-19 positive

A cruise ship passenger in French Polynesia has tested positive for Covid-19, forcing all travellers on board the MS Paul Gauguin to isolate in their cabins.

The French High Commission confirmed the positive result today after the individual yesterday self-tested for the coronavirus while the ship was on its way to Rangiroa.

The ship to Papeete overnight and the person and family member sharing the cabin were removed to isolation.

A statement said close contacts among passengers and crew all tested negative.

All on board have been tested and the remaining results are expected tomorrow.

The Paul Gauguin had left Papeete last week and had been anchored off Bora Bora for two days to give passengers the opportunity for on-shore experiences.

Cruises resumed two weeks ago, with the first journey by the Paul Gauguin open to locals only.

In mid-July, French Polynesia became the first destination in the South Pacific to accept travellers without imposing any quarantine.

All arriving airline passengers have to prove that they are Covid-19 free three days before departure and self-test for the coronavirus four days after landing in Tahiti.

All flights arrive either from France or California.

The official statement didn't mention the infected traveller's nationality but media reports said it was a woman who is a foreigner.